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her body was thrown away today we find out of all that more what the victim was wearing. the rules they are changing voters around the state had spoken changes they want, for pensions. from one friend's to another police say a scare to cash the seven figure losses. google is not sent hall but as usual it says it knows. new warnings for hackensack's. it is still a mystery the identity of a woman whose body was found stuffed in a trash can and pleasanton. tonight there are clues that could help identify who she is and what happened to her. to the good ridge on what makes this such a tough case to crack. a sketch artist crated the
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likeness of a woman's face and her distinctive features a woman whose story and life is still a mystery. her decomposed body was found in a trash can last month along dublin canyon road. pleasanton police say it is unusual for a body found it to remain unidentified for such a long time. but police still did not know who she is or how she died. the anthropologist has determined the age limits. likely to be asian or hispanic another distinctive " the woman's hearings. police say they have received hundreds of phone calls about her and other agencies have been trying to connect the body to their missing persons cases. but what makes this case so difficult is that this woman isn't in the nationwide fingerprint database. she has never been fingerprinted
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in this country her dna and dental records are also not in the system a clue investigators say they've been in the u.s. illegally. she doesn't have any tattoos or other body piercing decide to reappear sings. jews found wearing all the beasts assured and pajama bottoms. she also had three year prison as an aide to for years. this is really all that pleasant in police have to go on they're still waiting for toxicology reports and they now all they know now is what we see these sketches and as she is 5 ft. 6 130 lbs. but the ministry is to issue a and what led to this tragic death? the speculation is that she is not from the united states are pleased connecting with officers from other countries?
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from mexico perhaps? the board to a lot of agencies locally and now with the information that they just don't have they're looking elsewhere and that of the country as well. deadweight she's somebody's daughter. juliet goodrich thank you. right now oakland police at the scene of a police shooting at least one officer opened fire at hundred fifth avenue and east st. just after seven thirty tonight there's not much information at this time of police are saying is that person was shot is in his 20s and that he is in stable condition. investigators are following up on information for us to put together the incidence and what led up officiant can't discuss those details right now. also there is no word on how many officers were involved in the shooting. the groups and set as a fall through on their promise to record over a voter approved a measure be that measure modifies the city's pension
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system to cut costs and it passed with overwhelming majority. just hours after the ballots were counted attorneys for sen as a police and fire unions filed two lawsuits against the city they asked for court orders to stop any part of its from moving forward. we will enforce and protect the promises for pension and differ benefits that had been placed over the senate's a police and fire department retirement plan since 1961. we're prepared to litigation and the courts will be involved there's no doubt about that. measure b forces city workers to pay more to keep their benefits where they are and it sets up a less costly system for new hires. says they isn't the only california city to pass a pension reform voters in san diego also overwhelmingly approved pension cuts and workers there will be forced
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into 401k stock plans instead of a guaranteed pensions. i don't approve of it is looking only at the cost side and not the revenue side and i don't much care and that analysis what cost to looking at. but you ought to looking at both sides. san diego pays to have a $31 million a year into the city's retirement fund that is 20% of its general fund budgets in san is a pension payments take up 27% of the budget. did we did set as a and san diego get back to his attention? and much more yet. it certainly got my attention. jerry brown talks to tackle pension reform before the november election. president obama's and the day for less than five hours today he started with the roundtable for tech industry insiders said that host a lunch at the julia morgan
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ballroom it's the president's 16th trip to california in this election cycle alone we agree this date is a cash cow for presidential candidates but some say voters should be concerned about who is donating the money. if you're a presidential candidate for president and you're spending your time meeting with a lot of rich people you hear about rich people's problems. you don't care about poor people's problems. based on open secrets toward the president's has raised $270 million for the campaign republican candidate mitt romney has raised 97 million california given the most to both candidates, of all the states. the menus of brian stella's he was severely beaten told his story in court today korea moss yelled for the court that he used his training as a paramedic to help his friend after the attack at dodger stadium and as dave lopez reports maas tells says he also tried to shield still from some
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of the blows. he was running it through long sweeping haymaker punches left hand to the left side of france had brian as soon as he was punched was visibly unconscious to me and to fell from standing directly backward until his head and was unable to brace himself his head was the first thing that the ground and as i was running toward brian when this the same person that punched brian kingman had repeatedly. and to not just a little cakes these were full windup as hard as you can kick. he then testified that he threw his body over the head of snow. to protect him a woman called 911 and then must tell grab the phone to talk to the dispatcher. he had the grounds he still
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unconscious. are trying to arouse the mid no response. is the breeding. we're still waiting on the medics. high carb are they gone? he's gotten it was a dodger fan and a dodger jersey there's no way to identify him. if i saw and i could recognize the body is gone he is not on the scene to scene is secure right now. according to the 911 tapes into the premises with 8 minutes to get to france tel. ellen arrived there on bicycles. testimony continues tomorrow. from downtown los angeles did look as cbs five. also on the news seven women and five men had been chosen for the jury in the sex abuse trial for former penn state football coach gerry sandusky who is charged with sexually abusing 10 boy is over a 15 year. including attacks in
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his home indicate his locker room showers he is denied the allegations opening statements will begin on monday. 1 north the woman learned a valuable lesson the hard way. be careful with whom you trust your money. she and dozens of others were ripped off and many may of a ponzi scheme marseillaise run out that many of those were taken advantage of were friends of the suspect. we thought maybe wasn't going to happen. she is just one of the alleged victims in an investment scam that has ensnared dozens of residents of the small town far from wall street. our committee members have been involved and have lost homes and their mostly elderly over six years old and can't get that back. this accounted district attorney has not charged 71 year-old auto with 167 deli charges of grand theft securities fraud and elder abuse. prosecutors alleged he
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promised double-digit returns as high as 27%. for investments which are supposed to be this secured by deeds of trust on the properties but these were never recorded and prosecutors alleged the money was simply stolen in a $20 million ponzi scheme. we've learned a bit less than they can't just trust. all of his longtime resident of petaluma and ran a real-estate company in and is that for miliary the alleged victim say that made so many people trust him with their money. yes hearing green we feel very betrayed. we trusted him and we knew him and we thought he was doing get into to come to find out that money wasn't going we're supposed to. he did reach a civil settlement with some of the victims several years ago as for the criminal case is being held on $2 million bail and we may hear his side of the story during his scheduled arraignment tomorrow. in petaluma mark sayers cbs five.
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there is imminent and clinics for a serial bomber who plant the explosives and flashlights. the bombs go off at the people pick up the flashlights and then push the button to turn on. federal investigators said last let the laughter random places and a stuffed with things like be pellets and kitchen sponges so far five people have been injured and police suspect more attacks could be on the way. coming up if the fed said despite google says will have recovered warnings coming to gmail. it is the time of year for fires bout with staff shortages and to the and resources crews are letting wild fires burn. a new playground for food trucks a drive-in instead of a drive through where you can get your street on? at this hour we to of winds dying down and tomorrow we have temperatures going up so up and with the day will top off in the '90s as eyewitness news
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continues right here in the city. highest uses a new warning
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you may be the target of government spying. kiddo on what is behind this message. google is not mincing words with the warning in the pink banner we believe status of the attackers may be attempting to compromise your account will computer. is that the kind of the next step in modern warfare. the stern message appears to individual users and the sematech possible malicious
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activity the alert and actually started months ago but google finally went public with this week in the recent law imposed google only state's investigations and at some airports strongly suggest foreign governments are behind the attacks the company declined to tell cbs five which countries are involved is a is a wake up call to be diligent. if you don't want is still one of you don't want out there don't put it on a female. yes obviously don't do anything that is really very secure over gm the real big lesson is to make sure your updated make sure your thinking about things are clicking on and make sure you're aware of when people sunday things make sure those the people that you think are sending them. did we do can protect yourself by critics as strong pass from the next assembles numbers and capital and lowercase letters and a beating after logging in the so- called to set their vacation. is your password strong? did we advocate is. his act. account has not been high there's no such thing as privacy
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anymore. gene hackman says the only privacy we have left is what's inside our heads. and right now the warnings are only appearing on desktop computers and not your local about mobile device cool says they're monitoring the situation if they find any illegal activity then they put a roadblock to try to stop the attacks. sound like a plan thank you. 14 wild fires are burning in the west tonight including the largest by new mexico has ever seen has been debate about whether letting fires burned is in the long run healthier for the environment the force. but bill whitaker has found a much of america that is not an option anymore. few structures are threatened to mexico's national forest so firefighters are falling u.s. forest service policy they're letting the fire burned through remote wilderness. its nature is way of removing dense underbrush and the nurse in the forest but as
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development al west which is deeper into woodlands this kind of fire management is the exception of the rule. to equate the national forest prestigous the suburban sprawl los angeles. their policy is to suppress those fires on the national forests of they don't get into those communities. in 1990 some 60 percent of new houses in the u.s. were built in forested areas and in california alone with an 6 million houses aren't wild areas. after more than a decade of drowsed fire danger of west will be red hot this summer. did waves this is a bushy and modifier his. wild fires away from houses here in los angeles homeowners are required to clear away brush from within 100 ft. of their houses. but while the areas like this often that is not enough.
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in 200989 houses were destroyed when wild fire raced out of the angeles national forest and through l.a. suburbs by conditions are similar now but california has 730 fewer firefighters. the cash strapped state has spent $80 million from its wild fire budget since january of last year. sometimes there is nothing you can do depending on the conditions. so if you live in an area like this you're taking a risk as the western population grows so is a chance to disasters like this. the liquor cbs news los angeles. the season is upon us. to have extenuating conditions by the weekend until then we're gradually went to see the temperature is going up the be everybody that's had on outside right now we have a clear skies over the bay bridge highs across the day today topped off at 60 in half moon bay to 79 degrees and that was in sonoma tonight will sell at between 40 degrees to the no. 52 to the south and around the bay
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the low 50s 82 and hercules and in concord a this is our future cast and i play along at home it was the clouds as they began to descend on the coast and look at the clock there's a morning commuters and will have some close look at cocos the cloudiness and overall is very weak cold front will come to the area partly sunny and moisture associated with that but nevertheless it will keep our temperature is tempted. all experience today to a couple degrees off tomorrow and an alarming trend against the bottom line is the clouds with other overnight it partisan day tomorrow and away from the coast in the bay will see some slight warming taking place as high pressure tries to build an and the warming trend will take place this weekend until then with the cooler air mass in place moderate paul and concentration by the weekend to the worst days of the saturday and sunday not smile as high as 50 and 60 to the beach average house in san jose 76 had been no
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that is within the forecast after a high today of 75 degrees east of the day of lead to 81 degrees in brentwood backing through the delta of and is to go through to the north not the 70 degrees bested by sonoma at 80. 64 and san francisco and the advertiser around 64 but is seasonally springtime day across the day and will read that weather pattern due friday only through those numbers going way up especially by sunday still like some time right here in the day all the way through this time next week and that is our pinpoint forecasts. well of their ray bradbury died in los angeles at the age of 91 and. he was a science fiction writer whose imagination of took flight in the '50s. his works pumpkins once considered insignificant became required reading in high schools and colleges. bradbury's writing for saw the
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ipod the cellphones and its wall sized tvs. i would love to be 101 side could finish third or 40 more books and 3400 more short stories and not press but there is enough time and a lot more. he did read 11 novels and more than 600 short stories. there is also an asteroid named in his honor. well today all of berkeley is alive. president grand
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opening in san francisco's new street food park in south market neighborhood seven days a week a different food trucks from around the bay area will rotate in the amount of the park for lunch and dinner. there also see a glimpse free why fight and a projection screen for movies, like a drive-in. the park also plans to open up the beer garden in the coming months. we have been one step behind them since their rides today the kansas couple with that replica golden gate bridge that the bills in their backyard got a chance to
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walk the real deal it was the grand finale to larry and barbara richardson san francisco this is mary spence 10 years building his own replica over a creek on their farm back in kansas the veteran says the bridge was the last little piece of america that he saw as a teenager shipping out to vietnam. businesses are circle now. it clear around dent on the got back drafted and it's only this time it's much more pleasant conditions. the richardsons talked for years about making the trip back but they kept putting off until the conical called and told their story and after that donations began pouring in to finance the couple's visits and we have enjoyed having them here all week long. the giants finally hit a home run finally but wasn't
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enough? for the giants and more men were
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the things you have to dance like to it follows on the ball from the disabled list on tuesday sent a ball has been now for a month following surgery after eating a sandwich ways that the cause clock please call roger craig's stock by the giant broadcast booth they'll they solo shot in the thefts and it makes it over the fence if the giants' first home run in nine games they hang on to the padres 65 is the rangers shut down what
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the american league's best offenses eight shutout innings and threw 100 pitches 77 of those were strikes. three hits and was a home run shy on the side with a base in the fourth of the a's beat the rangers to nothing in the game lasted just over two hours. how about the nba western conference finals? the thunder coming back from 18 down to lead the spurs evan grant played all 48 minutes and was sitting with 3414 they're going to the nba finals. game four stanley cup finals the devils scored twice in the third to begin is to once they avoid the sweep game 5 is back in new jersey on saturday and del sadder still has a couple dances to get that elusive stanley cup and do his trophy case. she lombardy in higher del sutter.
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